Raamon Newman

Program Facilitator
(Lead Well Global)
Global Leadership Wellness Academy


Raamon Newman is highly experienced in leadership development based out of Los Angeles, USA and Melbourne, Australia.

Over the last 20 years he’s been a globally trusted Leadership Breakthrough Protection Partner to over 50 top CEOs & execs of multi million and billion revenue companies helping these leaders protect and enhance their and their teams achievement and progress through optimizing their mental capacity and leadership skill to know what is really required to inspire more support for their vision.

He’s a former top three nationally ranked track athlete, 2-time National cross country team winner, 4-time state championship winning rugby player, entrepreneur, 10-year full-time meditating monk, Meisner trained actor & philanthropist for peace projects and youth education. He’s a graduate from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing.

While engaged in acting training in NYC during the 2007-8 global financial crisis, he realized a calling to help protect & enhance leaders’ achievement, progress & fulfillment through deeper inner development of their leadership capacity and awareness. This helps them make the best decisions which protects the interests and success of everyone. This has become his passionate life purpose.

He gives and supports devoted monks who are full time helping create more peace in the world and is a guest speaker with the YouthBizAlliance.com sharing with senior high school students how to be in their unique leadership state to experience more protected achievement and progress in this age of acceleration.