Professor Malcolm Dunn

Founder, CEO
Global Leadership Wellness Academy


Professor Malcolm Dunn is Dean of the Quantum Wellness Academy and also leads Global Leadership Wellness Academy. He adopts a holistic approach to Leaders and leadership development called Quantum Thinking and Leadership.

He was previously Adjunct Professor at University of Sydney John Grill Centre Institute of Projects. He has extensive experience in Strategic leadership development from his time at Melbourne Business School, AGSM Director of Executive Development and as an Asia Pacific Industry Managing Partner at Booz & Co and Accenture.

As both a strategist and qualified psychotherapist he is uniquely positioned to support Executive Teams and Boards understand in Quantum Thinking (understanding the forces of change their industry, and economic contexts), coupled with Quantum Leadership (developed compelling strategies and stories, engage stakeholders and work forces to deliver the expected impact). During the process it is also critical to develop a broader consciousness of our ecosystem and the capability to think strategically and behaviours to lead effectively are developed simultaneously.