In our current environment and well beyond we need to take acre of ourselves, our family, our team, our community our organisation and our broader eco-system. The initial crises stage does require critical thing and resilience so we can cut through and create a stable platform for the future. At the same time architecting and building the future does require a different mindset and collective sense of purpose otherwise we will potentially have to relearn in a different form in a few years time. This requires taking a Quantum perspective and then from this space it is easier to see the limitations of the extrapolation of existing models. We need far more holistic mindsets that can collaborate beyond borders and organisational boundaries.

CoachWell provides both the challenge and support to work through this process. Building the Quantum mindset that then enables Quantum leadership to flourish in a thriving system (team, organisation, family or community). The process compliments cognitive reasoning but adds additional dimensions to how you sense and sense make across a broader field. This is called social and political Intelligence.

We start with an assessment using the Global Wellness Leadership Survey and based on this we can design a process of leadership development at the individual and team level. This creates the mutual support that is required to achieve a cultural tipping point. This bottom up approach work well with the top down approach offered through the Thrive Program.