Leadwell Global Thrive program

The Quantum Leader and Leadership change imperative

  • Organisations (private and public) are faced with the imperative to make fundamental shifts to prosper in a rapidly changing world. The Volatility and Uncertainty we are currently experiencing can create paralysis or short term solutions which undermine long term success.
  • Research has identified that the leadership (Boards, Executives and Executive Teams) are ill prepared to manage this shift (< 24 % dysfunctional distress in Australia) and we have the agile mindsets and adaptive perspectives to lead the complex change process that is required moving forward.
  • Building a thriving and adaptive organisational culture is a complex challenge that requires a multi-dimensional response

Who is it for

Our process engages with Boards, Chief Executives and their Teams, and Future Leaders to support them in shifting mindsets, adopting new perspectives/ attitudes and embarking on a new approach to future proofing and re-aligning their organisations.

Key Benefits: Capabilities you will develop

  • Different Quantum mindsets and Thinking that sense the future and prepare the change
  • Improved critical decision making
  • Enhanced productivity from an aligned and motivated workforce
  • A culture of Leaders shaping leadership