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Developing Quantum Leaders & Leadership in Thriving Organisations

Our Why

  • Enabling sustainable social and economic prosperity for individuals and their eco-systems (profession, family, team, community, organisation, society)

Who are we?

We are a global team of experienced change catalysts. We take a broader perspective of our economic and social inter-dependencies and how these impact our professional and personal lives.

We come from different backgrounds: business, education, health, psychology, sociology and philosophy. But we have integrated these diverse perspectives to provide a far more realistic view of our operating environment and the factors that leaders need to consider in taking both short and long term decisions.

Achieving the Quantum leap and leadership Challenge

  • Leading under Uncertainty and Thriving in the current and future VUCU world
  • By taking a holistic outside-in perspective of our eco-system to to embrace this larger view and translate it into resilience and impact immediately that is also aligned with long term success
  • Enabling the next generation of leaders to play an integral part in shaping this experience

How do we develop Quantum Leaders and Leadership?

  • By supporting you in understanding where you are through an organisational and leadership pulse check and then developing a compelling business case for change
  • Then facilitating you through a Quantum approach to Executive Leadership Development which supports understanding the external world and exogenous variables to factor into decision making at the organisational/ team level
  • Helping you ensure that your leaders are balanced in the professional and personal lives so they can perform well in both
  • Supporting the development of the confidence and voice of Future Leaders with different perspectives
  • Sustaining long term individual, team and organisational culture and behavioural change through Wellness Coaching and Mentoring

“Quantum Leaders as integrators of wealth and wellbeing bring together seemingly disparate roles to harness the collective energy of the organisation in service of society”

– Frederick Tsao and Chris Laszlo

Quantum leadership addresses the eco-system elements that are often seen as disparate: personal and professional, family and team, business and community to create sustainable wealth and well being

Quantum leaders have developed a strong sense of self and their systems.They are able to shape collective enterprises and focus on the development of prosperity rather than short term profits. 

Quantum Thinking is exploration of the larger field surrounding the decision making. It looks at the broader set of variables and possibilities to enable more informed choice and also a flexible attitude to the changing landscape

Consciousness and Mindfulness is critical for perspective taking, and this mindfulness becomes an embedded way of practice that allows Quantum Leaders to reflect on the broader landscape and use their intuition to contemplate and deliver transformative and innovative solutions.

Quantum leaders embrace what they do as a process of inner transformation that enables and authentic alignment with external transformation that enables sustainable social, environmental and economic well being.

Developing Quantum Leaders & Leadership

Suite of capability building programs

Business, Leadership and Team Wellness Coaching

Organisational and Eco-system Leadership

These programs offer a unique next generation experience immersed in nature that integrate the best of business schools and wellness programs


Western Models (Knowing)

Western Models (Knowing)

• Ethics
• Conscious leadership
• Complex systems
• Critical decisions


Eastern Models (Believing)

Eastern Models (Believing)

• Mindfulness
• Movement
• Nutrition


Indigenous Wisdom (Being)

Indigenous Wisdom (Being)

• Connectedness
• Timeless
• Environmental Harmony
• Universality


Environmental (Immersive)

Environmental (Immersive)

• Energy
• Creativity
• Relating
• Presence

Integrated Executive Wellness Experience

Executive Experience

  • Leading personal change
  • Mindfulness
  • Executive Health & wellbeing
  • Nutritious living
  • Transformational wealth

They achieve sustainable change using a blended learning model that leverages and embeds the immersion programs

Typical retreat programs only address this stage
leadership model

We have assembled a global team to facilitate these programs including the induction (assessment), immersion and integration processes

North Americas

  • Renee Morefield

South East Asia

  • Gerry Bodeker
  • Nigel Cumberland


Europe and U.K.

  • Tina McCarthy
  • Kate Oliver



  • Ruta Asimus
  • Francois Faure
  • Sarah Cornally
  • Michael Curtin
  • Jane Weber
  • Kamal Sharma

rutaSarah Cornallykamal sharma

Our Leadership Wellness Academy Advisory Board are global experts in the areas of corporate and executive wellbeing