Quantum Thinking


We are faced with a highly uncertain and volatile world at the moment and for the next few years. Our natural tendency in a crises is either flight into action or paralysis. Our level of stress and anxiety are high and we often resort to piecemeal solutions that cannot be sustained in the long term.

We can adopt a well tested practice and process for reflecting on the possible ways that our environment will evolve (time, scope, impact) and then based on the critical uncertainties we can develop scenarios and planned responses. This process actually allows allows us to go into a different psychological state so we can be reflective and responsive rather than reactive.

We use and have used for 2 decades the process of scenario planning and pre-mortem for this purpose. We have already done the research on critical uncertainties for a number of key sectors such as healthcare, construction, telecommunications, professional services (legal and accounting), energy (green and fossil), and resources. They all face different Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental (PESTLE)  uncertainty with different impacts.

We can run 1/2 or full day workshops on a virtual basis with Boards, Agencies, Executive Teams, Business Units Heads, Peak Bodies or Value Chains.